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At Modern Construction Group we take care of the of the many elements associated with new home builds. We know that every family and every individual have their own unique needs, so that is why we work closely with all of our clients to ensure that our builders and designers understand what you are looking for in a modern and contemporary new home.

If you like certain features, or prefer particular finishes, we can make it happen. You vision is the cornerstone of what makes a new home possible, so let’s work together on the project and speak about your contemporary house designs. Call our team at Modern Construction Group for a chat today. 

Bring your modern new home to life with our qualified builders

In our family-owned business we believe in honesty and integrity. That is why our experienced team – made up of interior and exterior designers, builders and real estate professionals – will happily walk your through the process of creating a modern and contemporary new home. There are many elements to cover, but with our knowledge of the industry and the housing market in Canberra, you can feel confident that the design and build of your home is in safe hands.

Regardless of your requirements, we have the ability to bring as contemporary house deigns to life, and do so in exceptional fashion. We want you to love your home, and be proud to live there, with all of the modern amenities that you need in this current age. If you want to be inspired by our recent work, explore our gallery and learn more about our custom home services.

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Contact our team of modern and contemporary new home builders at Modern Construction Group by calling 1300 855 965 or filling out our online enquiry form.

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