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Custom Homes

This is it. After all the dreaming, planning, and plotting, you’re ready. For most people, building a brand new custom home is the most ambitious project they’ll ever take on.



“Embark on an Extrodinary Building Experience.”


Step One – Initial Consultation

There are many variables to consider when building a new home and we want to make sure that you start your journey on the right foot. That’s why at Modern Construction we schedule a no-obligation consultation with our clients to ensure that they have the knowledge and confidence to make educated decisions throughout the home building process. During the initial consultation, we will cover topics such as location, construction budgeting, financing options, home features, and more.

Step Two – The Home Tour

Who doesn’t love to go look at new homes? At Modern Construction we invite you to join us on what will be one of the most information packed experiences in your home shopping process, the Modern Construction Tour. The tour allows you to see what would take a couple weeks on your own, in just 2 hours. Because time is something nobody ever has too much of these days.

Step Three – Plan Design

Whether you have design ideas in mind or are looking for inspiration from a home building expert, our team is here to ensure your new home is the best that it can be. Unlike many other builders, we work directly with our design team will be able to help you with effective space planning and incorporating design elements while staying in budget during our three in-person design consultations at the Modern Construction Display Home.

Step Four – Pre-Construction Agreement

When you are happy with the progression of your home concept design, our team is ready to help you develop a set of architectural plans that can be shared with other industry professionals so that we can gather and compile an accurate construction estimate.

Step Five – Price out

Once a design has been confirmed and an architectural set of plans has been developed, we will send out your plans to the appropriate trade and industry professionals to gather accurate estimated. For each trade and line item, we will gather bids from at least three reputable and experienced professionals to ensure you are getting the best quality and best price. Once the bids have all been received, we will compile and present you with an accurate construction estimate. This helps us avoid surprises during the construction process and helps you make an informed decision on what features to keep or modify.

Step Six – Design Studio

At Modern Construction, you will work directly with an experienced Design Consultant, who will work with you on finalizing interior and exterior design details for your home. Our Design Consultants goal is to make sure that your home is finished and furnished to your liking and will be with you every step of the way as you select colours, fixtures, flooring, and more.

Step Seven – Plan Review

One of the most important steps in the Design-Build process is the transition from the design phase to the building phase. To ease the transition, Modern Construction, will facilitate a meeting between the project manager, sales manager, design consultant, and homeowners to ensure that the details regarding your new home are efficiently handed off to the construction team. The accuracy of information being handed off to our construction staff helps the efficiency of the build-out process.

Step Eight – Contract & Closing

Once the design of your home has been finalized and information has been handed off to construction staff, the next step is contract signing and closing. The construction contract will include a construction schedule, specifications document, home plans, allowance summary, and shop drawings. Once the contract documents are signed, you will be able to contact your lender to get approval for your loan. Rest assured your lender will do a full appraisal of the home to ensure that your home is priced appropriately and will work with the title company to get started with the closing process.

Step Nine – Building

When your lender has approved your loan and closing has happened, our construction staff will submit your plans for permitting and file a notice of commencement with the appropriate building jurisdiction. During the construction process, there will be 3 walkthroughs with the homeowners. Homeowners will have the opportunity to do a Pre-Drywall, Post-Drywall, and Punch-Out walkthrough with their project manager. These walkthroughs allow the homeowners and project manager to collaboratively review construction and work completed on their home up until that point in time. Walkthroughs are also a great way for the homeowners and project manager to find and correct any discrepancies between the plans and construction.

Step Ten – Move-In & Warranty

After a certificate of occupancy has been issued and you have completed your punch-out walkthrough with your project manager, your project manager will make sure to resolve any areas of concern. Once these items have been resolved, you will be able to move into your new custom home. If for any reason, you experience difficulties or issues with your home prior to move-in, know that you are covered by a 2-10 builder warranty. This warranty covers mechanical, plumbing, and electrical defects for 2 years and structural defects for a 10-year period. All other areas of your home are covered by a 1-year limited warranty or may be covered by an extended warranty directly through the manufacturer. Your homeowner’s manual will contain information on who to contact in case of emergency or to report any issues with your home.


The Vision Collection

  • 150 maintenance liability period
  • 10 year structural warranty
  • Modern Construction fine finishes and specifications
  • Fixed price offering
  • Custom Home Design Process:
    1. Interior Design
      • Countertops
      • Flooring
      • Surroundings
      • Lighting & Decorative Lighting
      • Home Automation
      • Plumbing Fixtures
      • Appliances
      • Door & Trim
    2. Outdoor Living
      • Pool / Spa / Water Features
      • Hardscape
      • Landscape / Irrigation / Landscape Lighting
    3. Furniture Design
      • Upon request
  • Vision Collection Warranty
    • 2 year warranty on the entire home
    • 10 year warranty on structure
  • 9-12mths warranty on entire home
  • Submit for permits in as little as 30 days from contract
  • Start construction within one week of obtaining a permit (Est. 90 days from the contract)
  • Completion in 9-12 months (completion guarantee based on overall size/scope of the project)
  • Be excited, enthusiastic, and have fun! We love what we do. You’ll love it too! Embrace our process and allow us to guide you to your dream home.
  • Be a team player! Be an active participant in our process and work with us to stay on schedule.
  • Be focused and decisive! Work closely with our designers to complete your assignments and be ready to move forward quickly.
  • Be prepared! Work diligently with your lender to ensure you have financing in place in order to stay on schedule.

Modern Construction attention to detail, uncompromising comforts, and personalised stylings, lead to an exclusive home, that’s sure to make a statement.

Combine eco-conscious building methodologies, environmentally friendly materials, sustainable energy efforts, and smart technologies, in any combination, with luxurious design to create an unique masterpiece you’re proud to call home. Experience endless possibilities as we bring your dream home to life.

Features and Customisations You’ll Love

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Bask in the Glow of Natural Light

Heated Floors

Conquer Those Chilly Winter Mornings

Spa Bathrooms

Steam Showers, Body Jets, Touch-Free Fixtures, and More

Guest Quarters

Maintain Your Privacy While Being the Ultimate Host

Granite/Quartz Countertops

Durable, Heat-Resistant, and Long-Lasting

Multi-Zone HVAC

Comfortable for Every Inhabitant

Workout Facility

Stay Fit & Active at Home Even When Time is of Concern

Smart Technology

Intuitively Connect with Your Home at an Intimate Level

Multi-Generational Living

Tailored to Add Comfort at Every Stage in Life

Spacious Walk-In Closets

Store & Showcase Your Exclusive Collection

Killer Views

Designed to Maximize Views from Your Home

Gourmet Kitchen

Entertain & Cook with Spacious Counters & Oversized Appliances

Green Technology

Reduce Your Bills and Carbon Footprint with Green Engineering

Resort Style Pool & Waterworks

Unique Backyard Space & Unforgettable Landscaping

Wine Cellar & Tasting Room

Compliments for Every Pairing at the Ready

Theatre Room

Bring the Cinematic Experience Home

Showroom Garage

Covered and Climate-Controlled Areas to Display your Collection

Exquisite Detailing

Add Character to Every Room with Artisanal Interior Design

High End Custom Home Builders for all of Canberra

When designing and building your home, you want it to be a representation of your lifestyle. So, why not inject your personality and functionality needs into a custom home? Well, with Modern Construction Group you can. Our team of high-end custom home builders are experts at designing and building luxury custom design homes in Canberra, and can bring your dream house to life.

We help take care of the many elements involved in creating a custom home and our builders know how to craft a stunning and welcoming home that you will be proud to live in. From personal features to bespoke finishes, custom design homes should speak to you in a way that no other building can, so let’s work together to make that happen. Reach out to our high-end luxury home builders today.

Combining customised services and luxury house designs

We are family-owned, and our diverse team comprises interior and exterior designers, builders and real estate professionals – and if there is one thing that our team at Modern Construction Group know, its Canberra. We all have a deep understanding of the industry and housing market within this great city. Which allows us to always be transparent with our clients and keep and open and honest line of communication when it comes to the design of custom homes.

No matter what your individual needs, we are happy to walk you through the custom house design process to ensure that when you first open your new front door, your home is exactly as your imagined. View our gallery to see our past projects and get inspired!

Contact our custom luxury home builders and designers in Canberra today

From modern and contemporary to something a little more you, we can do it all. Reach out to Modern Construction Group in Canberra today by calling 1300 855 965 or filling out our online enquiry form.

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