Thinking of Renovating Your House?


House Renovation


Modern construction group AUST not only specialises in building houses also in Renovation, Extensions, knockdown Rebuild, Building Maintenance, Project Management and Storm Damaged Repairs.

Renovation comes in the needs of many due to many factors. Some clients have purchased a property earlier which suited their budget at the time of purchase and after a few years they have saved up to renovate their house to what they really wanted. Other clients have purchased a property with numerous amount of wear and tear which needs to be either repaired or replaced. Some renovation is simply due to an upgrade in style for remodelling the house. There are many other reason that our clients have renovated their house.

With Modern Construction Group AUST we have a set of process and procedure to meet each client’s needs where their budget allows helping our clients to achieve the best return of result on their investment.

First and foremost its vital to set your budget whether you have saved up or refinancing, budget setting allow you to set a direction towards the capacity of your renovation and quality or brand of material you wish to use.

Once your budget is set you need to plan out what you require and which contractors or tradesman’s you need to seek for a quote and you need to ensure they are qualified, insured and certified. You also must apply for permits from your local council to approve of any structural changed to your property depending on scale of your renovation.

With all these and many others steps in mind many clients don’t have the expertise or the time to manage their renovation project, so it’s best to have a builder to manage your renovation.

A builder has the expertise and knowledge to assist you with a smoother renovation process and you will be dealing with one company rather than many contractors or tradesmen.

If you have renovation project in mind consult Modern Construction Group AUST to help you achive your renovation project with an ease on mind.

My family are impressed with the intensity of professionalism shown by Frank and his team. We were well kept informed on the progress of building our new. I have already recommended Modern construction group to our friends and will continue to do so.


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